In order to help increase your chances of getting pregnant, a reliable Waco fertility clinic would advise you to limit your level of exercise. Regular exercise is great for good health but when you are trying to conceive, it becomes necessary to reduce it to the barest minimum. Your weight also plays a major role in your ability to conceive as it determines hormone productive in your body. The Waco infertility treatment center would also advise that you quit smoking since it is not favorable to your condition and after conception, it would not benefit the fetus in any way.


If you are able to carefully stick to a favorable lifestyle, then you have crossed the first hurdle towards being treated of your infertility. In a situation where you are not able to achieve natural conception after treatment, the center might recommend conception through assisted reproductive technology, ART. With US fertility network’s umbrella of support, you will be able to connect with the right center, at the right cost and at the right location.

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