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Statistics have shown that at least 1 out of every 6 couples in the United States alone is left struggling with infertility. This is where reliable San Mateo fertility clinics come in. While some diagnosis shows the problem to be from the woman, there are times that the issue also turns out to be from the man or in some cases, issues with both couple. When a diagnosis is made by a reliable San Mateo infertility treatment center, what follows next is treatment.


It is already enough that you have to struggle with infertility as to compound it with incompetence of one or more clinicians. This is why US fertility network has chosen to do the work of locating and offering you the opportunity to get treated at choice well-equipped fertility clinics.

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Currently US Fertility Network does not have a local practice for your treatment in this city. However, contact us today for access to our nationwide Centers of Excellence for your treatment and receive 15% off all of your care!
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