In some cases of infertility handled by reputable Tempe fertility clinics, it has been confirmed that lifestyle plays a major role on a man or woman’s fertility. For a woman who maintains a stringent exercise routine that sees her exercising strenuously several days a week, it can be difficult to get pregnant. As such, the chosen Tempe infertility treatment center might recommend a significant reduction in activities, especially exercises.


Now you might be wondering what a strenuous exercise routine has to with your inability to have your own baby. Various researches have proven that engaging in very strenuous exercises significantly impacts negatively on a woman’s ability to ovulate. This means that due to the stress the body system is subjected to, ovulation occurs less frequently and you know what this means. To find out more, talk to a representative from a reliable Tempe fertility center. If you are ready, US fertility network is ready too to help you locate the right clinic.

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