If you are a woman whose ovulation is not regular or a man whose sperm quality is on the low side, it is important that you enroll with a competent Scottsdale fertility clinic. The treatment usually involves the use of injections or pills. These are hormonal pills and injections that help your reproductive system to improve or restore ovulation and also, put the uterus in a good condition to receive fertilized eggs. The Scottsdale infertility treatment center will also monitor the progress of the pregnancy.


For other women who ovulate regularly but pregnancy hardly occurs, it could be a matter of blocked fallopian tubes or scarring as a result of endometriosis. However, you would need to undergo professional evaluation in order to confirm the cause. Here is a list of reliable Scottsdale fertility centers you can enroll in. Make a contact today.

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5190 E. Farness Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85712

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